Next February , the registration period will be open to participate in the 5rd FEINCITA.

It will be open until the 31th of March.

Soon we publish the contest and all the information you need to participate.

The International Circus Festival of Tarifa, FEINCITA, is a socio-cultural festival focused on the dissemination of performing arts with popular format, which takes stage space as the streets and public places of Tarifa.

The Feincita festival was born as a need from Tarifa Circus School.  His students are in contact with the current circus, contemporary circus, and aware of the possibilities of the techniques they are learning in class. With this idea we propose to bring several artists to perform in Tarifa and gradually, the proposal was taking height and dimension; gradually, the idea was becoming an appointment: Feincita. And the quote was growing to end up as a festival of contemporary circus in the street.

Volatil Circus school was the origin of the International Circus Festival of Tarifa. The school grew from almost nothing. Or rather the huge enthusiasm and the hidden dreams of a circus lover. In what looked like a crazy idea arose what today is already a big project with the cooperation of the City of Tarifa: a school where more than 200 students have passed and which already in their squad with five great teachers, some of them former students of Volatil Circus School.